Monday, May 13, 2013

A Canal and a Big Fat Cheeseburger

Before I dive into Venice day three, here (bellow) is the flat where we stayed. 
The first thing we did was to go back to St. Mark's Square once more to view for the last(?) time the gondolas bobbing up and down in the wake of a huge cruise ship, the golden lions and the palace, basilica, and bridge.
Last view from St. Mark's Square
After that, we found water taxi that would take us up the Grand Canal to the train station. We knew that there were two different kinds of water taxi: the ones that take you swiftly and directly to the train station and the ones that stop at every stop along the way to the station. We weren't sure what the one we were boarding was and when we first got on I thought that we were headed toward the Lido! Fortunately though, the water taxi wasn't going toward the Lido and we soon found that we were taking the slow way back. Due to the recent rain, many of the seats were wet. We sat on the wet ones and got the best views along the river.
Many grand houses like these, once intended for the rich, have been turned into hotels for the nearly rich

looking down a canal off the Grand Canal

The Rialto Bridge
We then came to the train station and after paying for our tickets (this was a bit of an ordeal), we boarded the train. My butt was still wet from the boat ride.

my train seat
After some driving, we went to the Ferrari factory. The boys loved it. They had comfy seats. That is all there is to tell.
We were all hungry be the time we emerged from the Ferrari museum. We found an awesome roadhouse with real fake american food. Yum.
We also drove through Parma, the place where Parmesan cheese and Parma ham comes from.

Well, that concludes our Venice trip!

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