Monday, May 6, 2013

Dinner in St Remy de Provence

After a drive through the Alps, including several looooong tunnels (one had a toll of 41 euro!) we arrived in Provence and began the search for our b&b. Todd eventually found it (and the owner eventually came home - not a great sign) and we settled in.

About 15 minutes south of our b&b is the charming village of St Remy de Provence. (One of the villages that Van Gogh lived and painted in.). We had dinner here all three nights of our stay. Everyone was so kind and the food was fabulous (we tried two different restaurants over the three nights). The first meal Todd and I had was the 'plat du grand mere'. Or, grandma's cooking. It was beef cheeks, carrots, potatoes, onions and mushrooms that had been simmered in red wine for hours. It was brought to the table in a la creuset dutch oven with a big spoon sticking out. Oh heaven. Woulda taken a picture but I was too busy eating!

In St Remy, we also did a bit of shopping, including buying a big bag of lavender to make into sachets and a string of (heehee!) mushroom lights!

The last photo is of Griffin drooling on a patisserie window...

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