Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blue & Brocante

Provence was, to say the least, gorgeous. There was not a single flower, house or animal that did not compliment everything around it. The Plane trees with their speckled bark and bright green leaves lined the country roads. At their bases stood bright orangey-red poppies, swaying in the gentle breeze. All the towns were adorable, quaint and filled with cute little shops.

One of the towns that we visited was Uzés(the same day that we visited Haribo). One of my favorite parts (and mom's as well) were the haint blue shutters on the light beige buildings.

Awesome shutters!
Uzés was a sweet little town full of boutiques and an awesome plant shop.

succulents in front of the plant shop- I want them so bad!

A bouquet of pussywillows in front of a vintage fountain

a cool pot in the store
Mom also saw some fabrics that she really liked (I liked them too, but not as much as she did). They were oilcloths in varying shades of grey and pastels. My very favorite was the grey one with the white stars on it. Unfortunately though, the store was closed and the fabric was not cheap.
Awesome fabric!
Wandering through the town, we found a central square with a few cafés and beautiful plane trees that dappled the golden light on the cobblestones. We went to a sandwich shop for lunch. I got a yummy tomato, mozzarella, tuna and lettuce sandwich. Bon appiteit!

Around the courtyard were sheltered areas that looked like they were from the middle ages. It is under one of these that we had lunch.

eating area at a café
After lunch we continued to explore the town. The town had a very nice castle and tower.

an olive branch (there were olives all over the rest of the tree) in front of the castle

a castle tower with... shutters!
Driving down another country road, we came upon a brocante shop. The guy collecting the brocante seemed to have a thing for metal, so the yard of cool stuff that we explored included metal reliefs, bottle racks, metal door stops, etc.
Mom really wanted this bottle rack (I wanted it too)

a cool blue and white metal fireplace, fountain and teapot

guy with a turban
After the brocante, we decided to go to the Roman Aqueduct known as the Pont du Gard. watching the golden late afternoon sun drape across the aqueduct and surrounding hills was spectacular.

On the way home, we also saw some ruins of a castle called Les Baux.

A sunset in Provence

Les Baux
Headed home, we came to the town of St. Remy, a town where Vincent Van Gogh spent some time 'rejuvenating.' The whole town looked like one of his paintings: the colors, the shapes and the streets must have inspired him greatly. Signs throughout the town pointed out some of the exact things that Van Gogh painted. 

It was getting late, so we decided to have dinner in St. Remy. The waiters at the restaurant that we chose were very nice and I'm not exactly sure what I ordered, but it was really good.

Yummy dinner!
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