Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Arles: A bad place to drive but a good place to see Roman ruins

One day, we went to Arles, France to see the sights. Driving in and out of the town was horrible, especially for dad, who was at the wheel. The streets were scarcely wider than those in Venice (excluding a few select main road) and the rules of the road were unclear. Besides that, Arles was lovely. The bright blue sky barely held any clouds as we walked around their Roman theatre, Roman coliseum, and park (which the theatre was in). 

The coliseum was very cool. It was sunk into the ground about thirty feet, so you had to go down some steps to walk around it. I liked it very much because it wasn't busy at all (they still use it for bullfights, so that's when it's busy) and my family and some other people came in an unlocked gate, so apparently it was free.

The Coliseum from the outside. Once you go down the steps, there is a whole other row of arches
One of the vaults that leads down into the arena seating

The blue sky through some of the arches

The inside of the arena still used for bullfights
The theatre though was cool, but less cool (it wasn't as intact) and not exactly free. From outside the fence, we took some pictures. Below is one of mine.

The theatre
In the park, there were other traces of Roman influence.

 And I saw an awesome blue door.

Blue door!!!
That's all on Arles!
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