Monday, May 27, 2013

Last day in Rome

Everyone was juuuust a bit tired and slow. Not only had we been running around full-steam, but when I decided to turn in early, everybody else stayed up far too late playing/talking with the b&b owners. They were lovely people, but for me, sleep usually wins!
So we found our way just down the street (which happens to be lined with orange trees! The whole street!) to the church of Maria Vitoria which has the Bernini sculpture 'St Therese in Ecstacy'. Beautiful. And then it was off to find the crypts of the Cappucine monks.
Sorry, there were no photos allowed, but wow. Go look it up online. It was, um, unique. The crypts hold the remains of about 4,000 monks which are all organized in such a way as to be decorative. Bones arranged in swirls or floral motifs on the walls and ceiling, lanterns built of bones, bone candelabras. Really. Look it up.
Then it was time for the Spanish Steps and some window shopping at Prada, Hermes and Chanel. Ha! As if. It WAS fun to look at the ladies going in and out of those stores. My goodness...
I love Rome and I'm so glad that we got the chance to bring our kids here. But I have to say, it made me tired! It is big, busy, full of lots to see and not cheap. I was ready to get back on the train for home, Torino.

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