Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Saturday in the Ivrea countryside

Today (saturday) we went to visit my Dad's friend Yon Christof in the Ivrea countryside. Ivrea is about and hour train ride from Turin, and we had no trouble getting there. Once we got to the station though, we were looking around for Yon Christof, who was meeting us there. But we walked around a bit and found him in a few minutes. We got into his car (me in the trunk, only 6 seats), and headed in the direction of the famous Ivrea market. When we got there we found a parking spot and walked in. We bought vegetables, fruits, some fish, and ravioli, among other things. After that we walked through the area of the market for other things. We saw hardware and clothes primarily, but a few other things. We got back in the car and drove up the road (mostly one laned) and arrived at his home. He invited us inside and we met his wife Margareet and his kids Anita and Alexander. Yon Christof and Margareet made us a nice lunch with some tasty ravioli. We also had some salad. We talked for a while until we decided to go on a little walk around the area. We first saw some of their chickens and geese and then went down to the road to walk. We walked down a nice and beautiful road until we saw an old and abandoned looking house. We walked up and checked it out, even though it belonged to some neighbors. We saw that it was really old and it seems pretty unused. We left and headed further down the road but we soon went back. We hung out for a while then went on another walk. We walked on a path this time and it was pretty cool. At one point we had an amazing view of the valley. We walked onwards and had to go around a fallen tree. Mom tried to grab one to steady herself when going down a slope and took the tree with her. It was really funny. We went back home and saw Margareet's art studio where we saw some of her sculptures made of fabric. It was really cool and unique. We saw a lot of cool old advertising posters, and Yon Christof even gave us one for Olivetti Typewriters with a big bird on it. We put it in a holder and hung out and played with his baby twins for a while. We had a good time. We went to see the cheese cave on his property and it was cool. It was flooded though. We went up his hill and saw his apple trees. We walked back and looked at the garden. We went back inside but we had wet feet. Yon Christof was so nice, he gave us socks to wear instead of our wet ones. I was the only one who did not need it. We hung out until about seven and then headed to the train station. We made it just in time for the seven twenty-eight train and got on and headed home. I'll post again soon.

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