Monday, May 27, 2013

Gladiator Griffin

Off to the Coliseum in the pouring rain. This was the one no-miss site for Griffin. He's been pretending to be a gladiator for months. (Honestly, anything with weapons has been a bit of an obsession...) We wandered around the levels for quite some time - long enough that the rain stopped and the sun even peeked through. G reeeeeally wanted to get down into the backstage/under stage bits cause he thought they were 'secret tunnels'. I guess he's not totally wrong, hearing about how the Romans would hoist the competitors and wild animals up through trap doors in the floor. (These people were beyond bloodthirsty. Bleh.). Finally satisfied, we proceeded to the Roman Forum. We had purchased a before-and-after book showing us what everything in the Forum used to look like. Of course, by this time, everyone's attention span was not at its peak and no one wanted to be 'read to' or 'learning'. Poor Todd was struggling with not getting max value out of this teaching moment, I needed to pee and the kids were bored/tired/hungry (pick one). We shuffled through - I really did love the wild poppies everywhere- and headed up the stairs to the next site.
Cause that's the thing with Rome. There's always a next site.

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