Friday, March 22, 2013

A day at the park - and our first gelato

Today we spent the entire afternoon at the park. The place is huuuuge and I think we only saw half of it! It's along the river and is full of walking/biking paths, little cafes, informal gardens, fountains and playgrounds. Oh, and a castle. Geez, my park at home does NOT have a castle!
We sat next to the castello to have our picnic of prosciutto and provolone with crusty bread (1 euro? For the whole loaf?? Best deal in town!) that we picked up at the market. The leftover heel got fed to the ducks in the little ponds and streams - happy Griffin. The rest of the kids' energy was run off on the playgrounds - all cool euro/modern design kind of stuff. Four hours later we stopped at the gelato shop on the corner for our first tasting of many to come.