Saturday, March 23, 2013


Today I got up at nine, but we didn't actually leave the house until 11. We were going to try to walk to a big market across the city, and we ran into another one on the way. This one was small and had little lanterns strung over it, this picture did not capture it very well, but it was pretty cool. In the middle of this market was a carrousel that all of the animals were robots. It was very odd. We walked past this market and after a while we made it to the market we were trying to get to in the first place. It was crazy. There was a huge section for clothes, another for food like cheese, bread, fruits, and vegetables. In the center of all of this was a building completely filled with meat vendors. Kind of gross, but smelled really nice. All of this market was full and crazy, you were constantly in a crowd. We were so frazzled that we left and looked for some food. We continued to walk in search of a place to have lunch. We walked into some stores and a grocery, but got nothing. Eventually we came home (by then it was three) and Dad and Hailey went to a bakery and got us some pizza things as a late lunch. Since then we have just sat on the couch not doing much. I took a nap at one point. We just kinda talked until now, about 5:45. Feel free to comment, I'll post again soon.


  1. Sean and Hailey,

    We've enjoyed traveling with you all vicariously! The markets must seem so "old school" with hanging pigs and wedges of cheese. What a circus for the senses! I admit, being a stinky cheese fan myself, I'm frothing a bit at the mouth with the pictures and descriptions. Although, Burgerville is going to be good tonight! Viva Italia!
    -The Johnson's

    1. Johnsons,
      I am glad that you are enjoying the blog. I myself enjoy writing entries because I both like to write and take photos. I miss you all back in Hillsboro. (;