Monday, March 25, 2013

Our the middle of our street

So I thought I'd give you a glimpse of our house here in Torino. The exterior for now - I'll share the inside in few days.

We're on a nice mixed residential/commercial street with lots of lovely old apartment buildings. Our building has that gorgeous faded ochre color. You know what color I mean. And the windows - I love the windows. Floor to ceiling casements, with shutters, with balconies! Ahhhhh... Upstairs we have mostly dormers - very cute - all nestled under a red tiled roof.

Each building is accessed through huge double doors (ours are black with lion's heads) that open onto an interior courtyard. Part of the yard is used as parking for the residents (I cannot imagine how they manage to cram their cars into and squeeze out of these super tight spaces! It's a mystery...) The rest is a kind of formal entry - an outdoor foyer?? Ours has a fountain on one wall and plaster moldings on the domed ceiling. There's a caretaker-lady who lives on the ground floor just inside the doors and watches who comes and goes. (She loves giving G a head rub and a "bella bambini") I think Todd's already mentioned how she sometimes buzzes open door #2 before we trudge up the 84 (?) steps to door #3.
I'm so very pleased that this was the house we decided to live in during our stay. Jenny - we "chose WISELY"!

The kids on our street, opposite our house.

Top balcony is ours!

Lion Door.


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