Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Julie Arrives

Yesterday we went to the market in the morning but then we came home for lunch, we tried a different type of salame and a different type of cheese, and it was really good. And it is awesome how good the prices are at the market, the most expensive bread we have gotten yet was only €1,25. After lunch we waited at the house for my Mom's friend Julie, who came from Memphis, Tennessee. We got really worried when she did not arrive at our house for a while, but she eventually showed up. After that we went to show her some of the city, we tried to go to the royal armory museum but to go you had to get tickets for all of the different museums in the palace (there were six), and we did not want to see it all at that time. We walked around for a while but we eventually came home. At about 6:30 we left to go to dinner at one of my father's colleagues home. They had a 13 year old girl named Chiara, a 14 year old girl named Eliza, and a seven year old named Tomas. The dinner was really good and everyone was super nice to us. We played Monopoly with the girls while we weren't eating. After a while we headed home, by this point it was 11pm and we needed to get to bed. I was surprised to see that at that hour there were still lots of people walking around the streets, I guess it's just an Italian thing. As soon as I got home I got into my pajamas and went to bed.

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