Thursday, March 21, 2013


Apples and oranges from the market

Yummy crusty bread


Today we visited the local market to get food for our lunch. We had a hefty loaf of crusty bread with prosciutto and cheese. At the market we also bought apples and mandarin oranges. When buying our lunch stuff we explored the market. One side consisted of food (fresh fruit and vegetables, breads, seafood, and meat.) while the other side had home goods and clothes. After lunch, we explored.
A door handle
 As we walked down Turin's streets, old buildings and art jumped out at me from every angle. Magnificent rulers astride their horses and ornate winged-women doorhandles alike amazed me. When wandering these streets we came upon Piazza Bodoni (below). The statue was absolutely enormous. Although it looks person-sized in the picture, it was huge. The crest on the bottom of the monument alone was more than a yard wide. I liked the crown from the top of the crest. It was made to look like a castle.
Piazza Bodoni
From the top of the crest at Piazza Bodoni
 At the time we were out of the flat yesterday, there weren't many people out and about. Today, however, was a different story. We saw a lot of people walking down the streets and hanging out in the palazzos, piazzas, and parks; eating gelato, walking their dogs, and just sitting, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. (As you can see in the picture bellow, troves of people were visiting the Palazzo Carignano.) On either side of the horseman you see in the picture was a library and a museum. Both boasted a gorgeous facade littered with statues and many windows.

Palazzo Carignano
You can see the Alps peeking out from the buildings
Soon, walking along roads crammed with shops, we could see the Alps capped with snow by looking down long, straight, roads. All the buildings here, both old and new are so beautiful and, by the looks of it, well used.  
A shopping mall
 There seems to be a lot of nice shopping here. Window-shopping in a mall (above) and outside (below) is joyous. I love to look at both the on-trend clothes and nice antiques. I can't wait to do even more of it. Hopefully that will be tomorrow.
An arched shopping street
 But for now, ciao!

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