Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Home

Although our journey to Torino was both exciting and successful it left me (and I'm sure everyone else) completely drained of energy. So I was quite glad when we were welcomed to our flat in Torino.

The view from my window.
It is a truly beautiful house with a beautiful view. Our kitchen window looks out upon a courtyard of clay roofs and weathered brick walls speckled with plants and shuttered windows. The entrance to this courtyard is magnificent. The huge black doors are embellished with lion heads and various fleur-de-lis and opens to a domed room with intricate designs overhead and a small fountain to the side. the other side holds the entrance to our flat. (well, to stairs that lead to our flat.

Pelin the cat looks up from her home in the closet.
Our flat comes with the feeding of Pelin the cat. She is a very sweet cat and Griffin loves to sneak into her closet hideaway and pet her. The flat also has enough beds for Sean, Griffin and I to have our own. The flat comes with a living room,dining room (where I am sitting right now), two bathrooms, a small, cute kitchen and balcony.
This is a study/living area by my bed

Nearby is a Chocolate store, two mini markets, and many pizzerias, one of which (Piano B) we ate at last night. Also nearby is a beautiful old building with gargantuan columns, a green wood door carved with cupid faces almost the size of my own head, and grand old statues.  We also walked along a arch-supported shopping area and a river along which was a large domed building and many large-doored warehouses.

Today we plan to explore more of the area surrounding our flat. I, personally would like to go window shopping along the arched pathway. But I also would like to search for some of our many parks and learn just a bit more about the city.

For now, though, I am going to have my breakfast. Ciao!

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