Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No Pictures!

Today we went to a royal palace to explore the three museums inside: The palace, The Armory, and The Gallery.

A horseman adorns the gate to the palace

You weren't supposed to take pictures inside but I snuck in this one in the hallway
The first section we went to was the palace. The second picture I show was taken in the hallway. The rooms though, were candy shops of color, painted candies wrapped in gold. There was not one room that did not contain gold, velvet, or ornate statues. (note: all of the candleholders, chairs tables, etc seemed to be held up by the crowns on queen statues) Normally, it would seem, paintings and tapestries to match those in the palace would be centerpieces of a museum. But no, they were merely wall decor, hung up like cheap Ikea prints. And it was not only the walls that were so lavishly decorated, but the ceilings. The ceilings were indescribable representations of beauty, in both joy and despair. (these were in both the royal palace and the armory) The ceilings were honestly my favorite part. I would have liked to take a picture, but there were guards always watching... -sigh-.

The second section was Griffin's favorite. The armory. Along a long hall were armored horses ridden by man-sized sets of armor. Alongside each mounted knight was a matching squire set of armor. 

The third section was the gallery. It contained art from the 1300s all the way up to the 1600s. There were many obscure paintings by well-known artists (ex. Rembrandt). Mom seemed to be very impressed. 

After all of this, we went out for gelato. (I had dark chocolate and hazelnut)
For now, ciao!

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