Monday, March 25, 2013

But what we actually DID today...

So, today was Todd's first day at work, and my first day flying solo. If you count having three kids in tow as solo...
We found our way to the local market and purchased our picnic fixings - bread, provolone, salami, strawberries & apples. Phew! Did it! And I don't think I messed up too much. Then we headed to our closest park to eat our lunch and chase pigeons - bold little buggers! Griffin did some swinging and sliding with the locals but kept looking to me when he couldn't understand what they were saying. Sorry kiddo! Mama's no help - you're on your own. Then we were off to the natural history museum - the brochure boasted a photo of a T. Rex, so G was excited to go see "Rexie" (Night at the Museum). Wouldn't ya know that he was in a section that was being renovated. We caught a distant glimpse, but that was it. The museum was bizarre in that it was stuck between old fashioned "cabinet of curiosity" style and new information screen displays. For most of the time, we were the only ones there which normally, I would think is great. Buuuut...there were lots of no entry signs and roped off areas and no real map to guide us. We had no idea what was off limits (and no crowds to follow!) and I was prepared to be reprimanded - especially when we exited through a no-entry door! We survived - and even managed to learn a few things. (Including the word chiusura - shut, locked, closed!)

"TV" Room


Shout-out to our Oregon friends!

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