Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day Two

Today we had our first breakfast here, pretty regular, just some cornflakes, but yay, breakfast in Italy! We started our day by going to a local farmers market down the street, which takes place every morning. There we got some ham, cheese, bread, apples, and mandarin oranges. We used the bread cheese, ham, and fruit for a picnic lunch. It was pretty awesome. After that, we went on a walk around the city and hung out in some piazzas (plazas in Italian). We took lots of pictures and we saw the library. We also looked at many churches, and saw the Mole (mo-lay, not mole), but we will go to the top another day. My brother Griffin and I played a lot of Uno. Then, for dinner, we went to a pasta place, and had a lot of difficulty ordering because we did not know what any of it said. We also spent a good portion of the afternoon in parks (there are three within a block of our apartment). All of them have lots of room to run and play, and they also each have a few granite, sometimes marble statues. One of the parks also includes a playground and a fountain (currently empty, but we think they must fill it in the summer). The images (from top) are a small square with a statue (I do not know who of), The statue of Carlo Alberto, an important leader, on either side of the square are the library and museum, a castle (I can't remember what it is called) with a garden growing between the wall and castle, the library in the square with Carlo Alberto, and the Mole (only some is shown, it goes higher than this, and the bottom is beautiful, lots of columns. I will post again tomorrow.

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