Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We Made It!

First beer in Italy (on this trip).
I'm guessing that I'm writing this some 30 hours into our journey as I enjoy a beer (Angelo Poretti), and write out some of the things that happened today.

I think I commented briefly while enroute. I definitely would like to point out that we had superb (and economical) airport shuttle services from They arrived early and got us there in plenty of time with a friendly and polite driver.

Griffin rests peacefully enroute to Torino.
The long haul flight from San Francisco to Frankfurt was surprisingly uneventful. Griffin managed to sleep during a good portion of the journey, making it easier on all of the rest of us! EVERYONE zonked out on the flight from Frankfurt to Turin (I woke up just in time to get the Lufthansa chocolate snack).

When we arrived in Turin, the airport was all but abandoned. Three of the first five bags on the belt at baggage claim were ours (the other two arrived shortly thereafter). After a very mild customs conversation, we were out and headed for the taxi queue. Initially there was some consternation about how one takes five passengers and luggage in the impossibly smaller vehicles. It was a bit of a spectacle as multiple drivers circle questioning "Cinque?"It was unclear whether the conversation was around "You aren't aloud to do that" or "Your car is just way to small to do that." In the end our driver managed to load all of our baggage in the back and Griffin got belted in onto Gretchen's lap.

The family at Piano B Ristorante Pizzeria
 in via Mazzini near our flat.
The father of the people from whom we are renting the flat was here to greet us, letting us in, showing us around, etc. As it turns out, he lives on the other side of the building's interior courtyard. Next door to him is his brother-in-law and above them is grandma! I was very pleased to find out that they had just taken care of their Wi-Fi, so I didn't have to think about it! We met Pelin, the cat to whom the kids have already taken a liking. Looking after Pelin is part of our arrangement for staying here and if first impressions are telling, we'll get along just fine.

We ventured out for a walk to help us to stay awake. We traveled down via San Massimo (our street), then turning onto the colonnaded via Po until we reached the Po River. We walked along the Po (on the Corso Cairoli?) watching rowers put in at the two boat houses we saw on the opposite bank before heading back up Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and then back onto our street again. The kids and I checked out the Carrefour mini market down the street before we got our act together to go out to dinner. We went to Piano B for dinner, a pizza place recommended by our flat owner ( It was absolutely delicious, and I'm certain we'll be back.

And so ends our first day. It's about 9:30 (just heard a single church bell), I'm the only one left awake at the moment. Time to finish off my beer, then rest up so that tomorrow we can figure out things like: Where does the garbage go? How do I buy a local SIM card? Can I figure out how long it might take to go to the offices where I'll be working part time ahead of Monday? Hopefully tomorrow Sean, Hailey, and Gretchen (and maybe even Griffin) will add a few thoughts on our transit and arrival. Until then, buonanotte!
View from our bedroom window. The shuttered window in the middle is where "Grandma" lives.


  1. Ciao Todd, great initial post :) Keep up with posting :) "E' solo l'inizio" / "that's just the beginning!".

    Many more adventures are awaiting you and your family!

    Let me know if you need help :)

  2. Thanks Beppe! I think this morning I'm going to attempt the daily Piazza Madama Cristina Market just a few short blocks from our flat. The sun is beautiful rising over the SuperGa hill that I have a partial view of out my kitchen window :)