Friday, March 22, 2013

Parco del Valentino

Today I slept in late (until 11) and had a small breakfast, and then went out to the market I mentioned in my last post, and got some bread to go with the ham and cheese from yesterday. We then went to a park and had a picnic lunch. The park was called Parco del Valentino, and it was HUGE! (although we would later find out that it is only the second biggest park in the city) We started by taking a walk. The first thing we saw on the walk was this building it is called the Castello de Valentino (mansion-like building). to the left of it, just across the walkway is the river Po. We walked further along the Po until we saw what looks like a medieval village and castle (below the Castello de Valentino). This was made for the 1884 Turin Expo, as a place to show their many medieval works of art. Despite not being as old as it looks, it still shows medieval charm. We got to go into the village (it was free) but not the castle as it cost money. Below the castle is a picture of the village. After we left there we found a place in the shadow of the castle with benches where we could eat our lunch. We spent a while eating lunch and people watching. After that we walked some more and Griffin wanted to feed the ducks and so we went to a pond. For a while no ducks came so we waited and Griffin threw some sticks into the stream. eventually we moved and then the ducks came to us. We fed them until they did not eat anymore, then we fed the pigeons until we ran out of food to give them. Then we walked until we saw a playground. It was a good playground and we spent a while there. Next to the playground there was a large area that was filled with outdoor fitness equipment for public use. It was pretty cool. After we finished with that (which was a while) we went out of the park, by then it was about 4:15. Then we walked until we saw a super busy gelato shop, and got some. We discovered that the gelato shop was right around the corner from our home. We walked home with our gelato and ate it at our table. Then we played some Uno.  After we finished playing Uno, I started this post. Feel free to comment, I'll post again soon.

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