Monday, April 22, 2013

A Day at the Parco

Or, otherwise known as, "get out of the apartment for four hours cause the housekeeper is coming". The housekeeper comes on Thursdays and I help do my part by getting the crew out of the house and outta her way. Fortunately last Thursday was simply gorgeous and a perfect day for the park. The kids (mostly G) played on the playground, tossed the frisbee, terrorized some pigeons and played with toy boats on the mini-river. Me - I read my book, lounged in the sun and people watched. And there was a lot of watching to do, too. People were stripping down to their skivvies all over the place (but nothing like we've seen in some German parks - whoa). We made a stop for gelato on the way home and were happy to find that strawberry is now in season - mmmm...

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