Thursday, April 4, 2013

I'm back!

But Julie's gone :(
I'm so glad she got to come visit and see a bit of Italy with us - I just wish I had been well enough to do more of it with her. I guess you can't schedule the flu (and man, was this one a doosie). I'll miss you so much, dear friend! Thanks for helping pick up the slack while I was in my dying-hole.
So I re-engaged sometime on Monday, and by Tuesday was ready for a (cautious) outing. We tromped over to the Egyptian museum to go look for King Tut. Who is, as Griffin is sure, the only sitter for all of the Egyptian statues out there. They had a fabulous collection - though I think the Field Museum is still my favorite (better displays). The most memorable were the statuary rooms - mirrored and dark with dramatic lighting.
We did a bit of gift shopping on the way home and we're hoping Julie's family will enjoy the little surprises she's bringing them.

Wednesday was bright and sunny and gorgeous - yea! Julie and I went to the market for fruit & bread and then did a little souvenir shopping. She's headed home with an armload of scarves as gifts for friends and family.
After lunch we wandered over the Po River to the chapel of the Mother of God. (Which some say might be the resting place of the holy grail.) There are two beautiful statues in front - one called Faith and the other, Religion. Unfortunately, the doors were locked, but the building was lovely and so was the view into town. The others got ambitious and hiked up to another church, but I was perfectly content to sit in the sunshine and watch the city go by.
We did a touch more shopping on the wander home, and then a stop for some hot chocolate for the kiddos.

We were up at dawn to give Julie our final goodbyes and we bundled her into the taxi for the airport. Hope your flight was quiet, uneventful, and restful, darlin! Thanks again for coming to visit us and an extra huge hug to Mike for holding down the fort and making it all happen!

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