Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Today was monday, and Dad headed off to work in the morning. When we all got up we reall did not do much. There were some meltdowns, between Griffin and Mom, and myself, we were kind of going crazy. So that afternoon, after having some sandwiches for lunch, we went on a walk. Our original intention was to walk along the river so we went to the Via Po which leads down to the river Po. We stopped at a toy store on our walk and saw a car mat with three Abarth Fiat 500s for a really good price and we got it for Griffin. We continued our walk and came across another toy store. This one was really big and had a large basement area, and I was in awe at their model cars. WE eventually left and headed down to the river. It was nice and we sat down on a bench and watched the people skulling in the river for a while. By the time we finished this it was nearly dinner time. We headed home and had pasta with some sausage in it. I'll post again soon.

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