Sunday, April 14, 2013


Friday we hopped on the train for Milan. When we arrived it was a bit sad and soggy, but it soon cleared into a lovely day. Oh! And that cathedral! There are no words. So beautiful. And as the light changed, so did the color of the the Duomo. When we arrived it had a blue/lavender cast but nearing sunset it turned a kind of peachy-pink. And the inside was almost as impressive. The columns (52) were so tall and the stained glass and statues were everywhere. Hafta say I wasn't as keen on the mummified-ish popes. Blech. But the boys thought they were kinda cool. Boys...

We wandered through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (1867 shopping mall) to check out all the fancy and to take a spin on the bull's balls for luck (yeah, really). Just outside was a statue of Leonardo da Vinci, who worked for many years in Milan.

Much of our time was spent just wandering, soaking it all in. We did a bit of shopping, but whoa. There were so many people walking around with bags from Prada, Gucci, Armani, Pucci... Just whoa. They take their shopping seriously!
I was pleased to find a gap and got myself a cute sweater. Yeah, I know...

There was a fashion shoot/promotion going on in one of the piazzas. It was a bunch of models showing us what gap wants us to wear this season. Can't say I disagree - it was kinda cute... But later I took a photo of some macarons and had a bit of a giggle. The gap models are dressed like French macarons!

There was a train strike going on (of COURSE there was) so we had a very late return to Torino. Poor kiddos were draggin. Yeah, me too. But it was worth it - Milano was fabulous!

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