Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Foothills, Forts and Flocks: A Weekend In Florence #2

On this date (April sixth), I got some pictures of a bit of our cottage and some views of the countryside (described in my previous post) out of our rental car window.

the ceiling of our cute cottage

As we arrived in Florence this time around, we took the advice of the owner of our cottage and parked on a hill overlooking Florence and the river Arno. On the hill was a bronze cast of David who, from where he was positioned looked down upon the Ponte Vecchio bridge. The view itself was fantastic. It was a beautiful panoramic view that featured some of Florence's main attractions.

Going down a walking path, we passed a large tower (lower left of the above picture) that was very beautiful.

the tower, framed by lush green trees 

We then walked down the road, through narrow cobbled lanes following the steadily increasing number of tourists. We stopped at a grocery store and ate some delicious yogurt cake and berries (Sean didn't eat the berries) then headed to the famous bridge. 

The bridge, once selling animal products now (and has for some time) sells all manner of jewelry (particularly gold) from tiny shop windows crammed together. The shops lay out their wares in their windows, all hoping for some money from the tourists. When we were on the bridge it didn't feel like a bridge at all, merely another cobbled road. from the other side of the bridge, you could barely (if at all) tell that it even was a bridge.

On the way to the bridge, we aw a couple of little trucks loaded with signs
After that, we headed towards the town hall where the Medici ruled from during the Renaissance. This was the square where David originally stood (there is now a copy in his place) and where many other statues used to stand (more copies). This square was simply flooded with flocks of tourists, many in groups following their guide like a flock of sheep. 

The town hall's tower

A view of the rest of the square. As I said, filled with tourists!

The hall itself was very fortified 

The building filled with statues
After that, we went to Uffici, the old offices of the Medici and the best art museum in my memory. I was so excited to go there and since dad got us a reservation, we got to skip the line. My favorite room in the museum was the Botticelli room (of course) of which the highlights were Primavera (It's one of my favorite Renaissance works of art) and Birth Of Venus. But I also greatly enjoyed Leonardo Da Vinci's The Annunciation (Strangely enough it was in the corner) and some of the medieval art with the angels stacked like sardines. Sadly, though, they did not allow photography in the museum, so I had to resist the urge to pull my camera out of my pocket the whole time.

Well, that's all for this post so....

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