Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boat Ride

Our last morning in Venice, we walked to San Marco (in the pooooouring rain) and boarded the vaporetto (water bus) for the train station. We accidentally got onto the slow-bus-makes-every-stop vaporetto, but we soon realized that was a good thing. Even though our feet and our butts were wet, it was a pretty cruise along the Grand Canal and a nice way to say goodbye to Venice.

We picked up the car and headed off towards the Ferarri Museum and factory. Unbeknownst to Sean, Todd had booked a factory tour for us all. The boys really enjoyed it. Hailey and I were left wondering how many more car museums are in our future.

And last but not least, we headed to Parma for a ham and cheese sandwich (Parma ham, Parmesan cheese) but the town was locked down tight! Sunday. Ah well. We had seen a "roadside grill" on the way into town, and all decided a little all-American comfort food would go down very nicely! Oh, yes - onion rings!

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