Thursday, April 25, 2013

This Week in Torino

Another busy week in Torino! We spent a bunch of time at the parco, playing on the playground, floating toy boats, picnicking, sketching, and lounging in the (oh yea!) sun. We found a cute little candy shop near our market - full of pasteliness.

The weather was great for a trip to the Mole - we had some excellent views of the city and surrounding Alps. And the Cinema Museum was fun too- odd, but fun. Highlight - Chewbacca mask :)

We finally found the cathedral that houses the the Shroud of Turin. (Turns out we had walked past it a dozen times.) unfortunately, it will not be on display again until 2025.

Sunday we went to the GAM - the modern and contemporary art museum. So, modern here is anything after 1750! Ha! The kids enjoyed it more than I thought they would. There was a Picasso, Warhol, Calder, Modigliani, and my new favorite, a piece called Maternity (check out the overwhelmed expression).

On the walk home we stumbled across another Eataly restaurant - and it was a burger joint! Yippee! And they serve beer (or wine) as one of the fountain drink option -yes!

The weather is starting to drag us down. While we have had a smattering of lovely spring days, the overwhelming majority have been rainy. We've been told that this is extremely unusual, but that's not really a help. It's made weekend travel planning very difficult and weekdays home with the kiddos rather, well, unbearable. We have seen every indoor venue in this town! (Well, other than the Wax Fruit Museum - I kid you not, and the Puppet & Marionette Museum - CREEPY.) I actually have allowed them to watch a movie on the iPad this afternoon. Sigh...
Sun! Please come!

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