Tuesday, April 9, 2013


We left Florence on Sunday morning and headed north to Pisa. It was an easy drive until... You know how you can see where you wanna go from the highway but ya just can't GET there? Yeah. That. After a good bit of back and forth and lots of guessing, we finally got to the leaning tower. (You'd think, for a town with just one major tourist attraction, they'd try to put up better signage!!)
It was a perfect sunny spring day and we grabbed a coupla pizzas from the street vendors to eat on the cathedral steps. (Pizza in Pisa!) We had fun with the silly traditional photos, and even more fun watching everyone else do it! There were some, uh, creative ones...
Back into the car and off towards home. I got the silly idea that maybe we could see one or two of the cinque terre towns "on the way". After more than an hour detour, we were still not close. So yeah, um, bad idea. Another day :/
As we got close to Torino, Todd pulled off so we could go to a "real" supermarket. It's so fun to see what they stock and what they don't. A whole isle of pasta? Check. A single tub of peanut butter? Nope. We did find some hot dogs for G - so he was pleased.
Monday was our (except for working-man Todd's) recovery day. Chill out. Do laundry. Have Hailey barf again...what?!? This flu does NOT wanna let go. She's feeling much better now, but jeez.

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