Tuesday, April 16, 2013

PAV, Lingotto, and a Trip to Eataly

Today I woke up to discover that it was definitely the nicest day of our visit so far. When I came down from mine and Griffin's bedroom, Mom and Dad were trying to decide what to do today. They narrowed it down to going either to Aosta, or Parco Arte Vivente (PAV). I thought that it would be nice to go to PAV, and that was what we decided to do. PAV is a park filled with art installations that is near Lingotto, the rooftop racetrack at the former Fiat factory and now mall. On our way to the Metro station , we stopped at a mini-mart and got some food for a picnic at PAV. When we got to PAV we were welcomed be a nice man who sold us tickets. He spoke fairly good English, and showed us some of the art in the main entry. We learned that they were all interactive. We sat on a log and listened to it's sounds. Hailey went in a rock and when she shined a flashlight on it it rumbled. And our favorite,  you did a push-up on a platform, and a sculpture of a crocodile skeleton did it with you. We were then surprised to discover that there was an exhibition with many scientific displays. We saw structures of objects on a screen, we learned about the science of smell and sound. We also got to see how fish communicate with rumblings in the water. After the displays, we went outside to the park. We saw first a large shamrock shaped landscape with a trench around it. It was really cool and Griffin liked to pretend he was a gladiator. We then saw an area with shade and some tables, along with a bread onion. After that we went onto the roof top garden of the building and walked to the other side of the park. There we saw a boat with the phrase "like a boat in the forest", as well as a large orange house and an upside down green house, with no fabric. we finished our lunch and took a pleasant walk to the Lingotto mall/former factory with rooftop racetrack. We started by showing mom and Hailey Eataly, which is a big and only Italian grocery. We decided to check out the mall and get our food later. We went to the mall and the only store we went in was a toy store where I got a snap-together Ferrari F1 car and Griffin got some boats. We went to Eataly and mom did the shop-up while the rest of us had gelato. A big chunk of mine fell off and they all teased me for the rest of the time there. After that we headed home on the Metro and had a nice evening. I'll post again soon.

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