Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Last Day With Julie

Today was Julie's last day in Torino :(. She's been wanting to see the capuchin place on the top of a hill. But we didn't know if I'd have the strength to do it, since I am still weak and tired from being sick. So, first we went to the Church of The Mother Of God (It's called something like that). When we arrived, we were greeted by two statues of Mary, one with a chalice, and one with a cross.

Mary with an angel and a chalice

Mary with angel? (is it missing it's wings?) and a cross

approaching the church
The Marys flanked some sort of male figure of importance. Obviously, it wasn't the man that struck me, but the detail in his rich robes. The lace, the fringe, the fur, it was all so elaborately and intricately done, it was absolutely amazing.
The central statue
 The church wasn't open, but I and everyone else excluding mom was up for an adventure. So, Julie, Sean, Griffin, and I decided to head up to capuchin to see the church. After a hike through a park and up a fairly steep road, we arrived at the church. The church's beauty was just astonishing. The walls and round ceiling were painted to look like carved stone facade-esque looking things and upon the walls in alcoves were various painted stone saint statues.

The Church's ceiling

A saint
The views from right outside of the church were awesome. Here is just one of the many gorgeous views of the orange-rooved city of Torino.

The view of the city. You can see the mole (pointy building) rising above all the other buildings and churches
Finally, we roamed the Via Roma. We went to a shop and ordered hot chocolate. But Italian hot chocolate is nothing like our hot chocolate. It's literally, melted dark chocolate. It was so rich, I couldn't finish mine.

Hot chocolate.... yum!
Hope you enjoyed this post.

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