Monday, April 1, 2013


Today I am posting about three days ago, sorry I'm so behind, I've been real busy. Like the last few days, Mom and Hailey were sick, but because Julie does not get to spend as much time here, we went to Milan even though it was raining. We got on the slower train from Turin to Milan, it took about two hours, but they went pretty quick. When we got to the train station, we headed underground to the Metro. Once we got there we headed for Metro line three and went to the Duomo stop. We got out of the metro and instantly saw the Duomo. It is incredible. The third biggest catholic church in the world, it feels like the biggest. Built over centuries, it is beautiful and shows artwork from many different time periods. There are pics of the inside in Dad's post too. We spent a while simply marveling in awe at it, If you ever go there then make sure you have a fully charged camera. After that we went to the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuel 2, it was amazingly beautiful. We checked out some shops (including the Mercedes-Benz lifestyle store). It is tradition to spin on the bull's bullocks. There is a video below. We went to a huge department store called La Rinascente, it had 10 floors, each filled with the biggest names in fashion, gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Georgio Armani, etc. And the top floor is a grocery/restaraunt, while the bottom is a bookstore, it was amazing. After that we went to the Ferrari store. The store is five floors tall and has pretty much everything you can think of with a Ferrari badge on it. They're were even two F1 racing cars. One was a simulator the other was one I got to sit in!!!!!!! I had a good time and sitting in the car totally made my day. I liked seeing all the licensed merchandise for it all in one place. After that we went to the train to head back to Turin. We had to figure out which to take and it took a little while but we eventually got on one and headed home. We tried to get to sleep but it was a little difficult. When we got home we got Julie's mandatory gelato (and brought some home). We came home, got into our pjs and headed to bed. I'll post again soon.