Monday, April 8, 2013

Firenze Weekend

Todd rented a car this weekend and we set off in pouring rain towards Genoa. We played our typical "hold up the tunnel" game as we headed into, and through the mountains. Lemme just say, that game lost its shine around tunnel #32 and we stopped counting tunnels at #106. Sheesh! Todd successfully made his way to Florence and to the little farm house about 15 minutes out of town that he had booked for the weekend. It had a charming wood beamed ceiling and stuccoed fireplace and the hosts were sweet & helpful.

We drove to the nearest village and hopped onto the train for central Firenze. We had enough time that afternoon to see the Duomo, baptistery & bell tower, and then the Accedemia (home of Michelangelo's David).

I think everyone was impressed by the colors of the marble on the cathedral and of course, we had a little history lesson on the dome and the birth of the renaissance itself. We had watched many shows about the Medici family and the renaissance in Florence before we left home, so it was great for everyone to see it all in person. As for David, Griffin thought he would be bigger! Ha! Nonetheless, he has been drawing lots of David pictures these last few days ;)

After a nice dinner (in spite of Sir Griffin "I don't like vegetables in lasagne!!!") and a carousel ride, it was back on the train and off to bed.

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